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The Waiting Game

5 Dec 2009, 20:17 UTC
The Waiting Game
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We are keeping our fingers crossed that the Delta IV will launch on schedule from Florida tonight.
The WISE launch has been delayed until no earlier than Friday, Dec. 11, since the rocket folks at the United Launch Alliance need to review the performance data from the previous launch before we get to go. So if the Delta IV launch in Florida slips a day, WISE will slip a day. This means the WISE launch effectively depends on the weather on two sides of the country now. Fortunately, the forecast has improved to about a 60% chance of good conditions in Florida tonight for them. Of course, now there is a big storm moving in from the Pacific Ocean that will arrive in California sometime near the end of next week…we may need to launch between raindrops! We are in the midst of a terrible drought, so we need the rain, although it’s good for plants, bad for rockets. Maybe I’ll do some gardening and go to my favorite nursery with my unexpected day off.
Meanwhile, the WISE cryo ops crew continues to monitor WISE 24/7 and keep it at the frosty temperatures that we need. We’ll just have ...

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