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Gender Equality Campaigns in 2014

31 Dec 2014, 20:00 UTC
Gender Equality Campaigns in 2014
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Have you heard of the It's On Us or HeForShe campaigns? This year, White House and the United Nations both launched publicity campaigns aimed at encouraging men and women to support gender equality and end sexual assault. These campaigns are being discussed on college campuses but not in the working or professional world where issues of concern often arise. Why is this? How does one measure effectiveness of such efforts? Are there lessons for CSWA and others?The first reason for the lack of conversation about these campaigns may be lack of awareness. The White House It's On Us campaign to stop sexual assault hasn't been mentioned in this blog. The UN Women HeForShe campaign did get a brief mention in the September 26 AASWomen Newsletter along with a link to the launch address by actress Emma Watson, shown above. But I suspect that, like me, most readers and most professionals, unless they are in an organization whose leadership has been informed and decided to participate, would have little reason to pay attention. The second reason may be a lack of relevance. This seems unlikely, given the focus of these campaigns on ending sexual violence, sexual harassment, pay inequity, and discrimination ...

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