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Amelia Earhart: Early Pioneer in the Age of Technology

29 Dec 2014, 14:30 UTC
Amelia Earhart:  Early Pioneer in the Age of Technology
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I recently ran across the Christmas card below from Amelia Earhart which got me interested in the remarkable story of this woman persevering against the pressures of her time. Earhart spent her life pursuing her passion for flying and pushing the envelop in aviation. Her motivation was to expand the capabilities of planes, not just of what women could do, and she had to conquer bias at every turn.Earhart was born in 1897 and took her first plane ride at the age of 23. She immediately became hooked and worked various odd jobs to save money for lessons with pioneering female aviator Anita Snook. She spent every minute of her free time learning about planes and flying. Within 3 years she had her own plane, international pilot's license (16 woman to have one) and set an altitude record (14,000 ft) for a female aviator.In 1928, a year after Lindberg's transatlantic flight, she was asked to join a team with two men with the purpose of her becoming the first woman to cross the Atlantic. They flew that year and she gained fame from the accomplishment. However, she wasn't satisfied since a man did the flying and she was only a ...

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