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Astronomy in the Year 2020 - Kickstarter Project

26 Dec 2014, 05:47 UTC
Astronomy in the Year 2020 - Kickstarter Project
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The world of Astronomy is hitting remarkable feet. It is almost liketoday we are living in a science fiction film taking place in the farfuture. Yet, the mind blowing achievements in Astronomy is actuallyhere. Did you know that within this year we have discovered more planetsoutside our solar system than all the discoveries made in previous yearscombined? This is including the year 2013. The rate of planet discoveryhas accelerated deeply and by 2020 it very possible that we will discovera planet that is habitable and has an atmosphere. What is amazing is that astronomical ventures are becoming less and lessexpensive. Quite recently the only amazing adventures into outer spacewere conducted by government entities (example: NASA of the UnitedStates). Now, Elon Musk and Richard Branson are venturing into spacetravel. There are new ways for astronomy enthusiast to fund theirventures. If you go on Kickstarter you will find a large amount ofprojects dedicated towards space exploration. Nowadays, drone technologyis advancing at an accelerated rate. Therefore, in 2020 the way we willlook at astronomy will be extraordinarily different compared to 2014.Why? The type of technology we have for astronomical ventures nowcompared to 2010 is like comparing the iPhone 6 to a Nokia made ...

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