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SS Cestris build, part 5

16 Dec 2014, 19:20 UTC
SS Cestris build, part 5
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I had had a gloomy outlook about the prospects of painting this rocket...but then the weather warmed a bit. I now am optimistic about getting it painted before the New Year. I will shoot one more coat of primer and then on to the gloss white overcoat. The decals and final nose weight assessment can wait for the inevitable frigid days.I had made a few insinuations that I was concerned about the toughness of the kit, specifically the wings and nose cone. Once assembled with the dowel stiffeners (not shown), the wings seem fine for a modroc. I also am not that worried about the plastic part of the cone, but my concern about the eye hook pulling out of the ply bulkhead remains. As I mentioned I doubled the length of the underwear shock cord, which mitigates that concern.I'm thinking a D12-5 for the first flight, and E12 down the line. On a very still day.

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