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How to Transform Audio Files into False Color Images

14 Dec 2014, 17:16 UTC
How to Transform Audio Files into False Color Images
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Question: I was hoping I might have just a minute of your busy time to answer a question for me. I am working on a small-scale research project involving transforming radio waves into false-color images. My question is how might I go about transforming a white noise audio file, say for instance MP3 or WAV file formats of recorded white noise, into a false-color image? And, if possible, what kind of software and computing power would it require? Any assistance or advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated. – Theresa
Answer: I am not aware of any commercial software that can do what you are asking, but there are tools within some of the more common scripting programming languages that you might want to try. For example, Python is a widely-used scripting language that contains many user-supported libraries that can perform a wide array of functions. I have found a nice “Python in music” page that has pointers to many Python-based music playing and file reading libraries. Once you are able to read a particular music file, I think that you should then be able to display the information read, such as the incidence of various frequencies in your ...

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