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Just out! New data from the Kepler mission:

9 Dec 2014, 00:43 UTC
Just out!  New data from the Kepler mission:
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We are showing light curves from the Kepler 2-wheel mission for Campaign 0 (a.k.a. “K2 C-0″) now and wanted to explain some issues that you may notice with these data. The K2 C-0 data are poorer quality than what you are used to seeing. The Kepler team is still working optimize the light curves, and this has been made more difficult by instabilities in the pointing control of the spacecraft. You can expect to see more trends and glitches. Furthermore, the first few weeks of K2 C-0 data were not useable so the length of the light curve (in days) is shorter than what you might have expected. All of this should improve for the next campaign, C-1.
A second issue with the K2 C-0 data is that we don’t have access to information about the stars. We know the EPIC numbers, coordinates, brightness of the stars, and the program numbers (telling us who requested observation of the stars). Postdoctoral Fellow Ji Wang has been an enormous help – he wrote a program to filter the published 2MASS and Sloan catalogs and to search for stars within a small radius about the EPIC coordinates. Ji then used the stellar brightness ...

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