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The Shadow of the Earth (L’Ombra della Terra)

2 Dec 2009, 11:06 UTC
The Shadow of the Earth (L’Ombra della Terra)
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This idea was born more than ten years ago, when I was in Chile. During the months preceding my departure to South America, the New Theater in my small town had just started its activity, after the long, forced pause caused by the strong earthquakes that devastated Friuli in May and September 1976. Among the first shows to go on the new stage were “Zitto Menocchio” by Massimo Somaglino (actor and director) and “l’Insium” by Glauco Venier (jazz piano player and composer). I brought them with me up to the Andes, and started dreaming. The farther the dry landscape of the Atacama desert was from the green Friulian hills, the closer I was feeling my homeland, with a strong desire of sharing with others the experience (unique in many aspects) I had the privilege to live. It was with those two men in mind that I started working on some ideas, nursing a dream (insium) that (I was sure) sooner or later would become true.
Massimo Somaglino and the Pendulum
If the first steps of this project were certainly taken in the Southern parts of the Atacama desert, it was with the beginning of operations on Cerro Paranal (some 600 ...

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