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Visit to atelier of Leiji Matsumoto

1 Dec 2009, 04:00 UTC
Visit to atelier of Leiji Matsumoto
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Visit to atelier of Leiji Matsumoto
In the afternoon of Sunday, November 29, I visited the house and atelier of Leiji Matsumoto, a manga creater famous in his “Galaxy Express 999″ and “Space Battleship Yamato”. The purpose of this unusual Sunday visit was to make a briefing to him on the Venus Climate Orbiter “Akatsuki” and ask him to participate in the message campaign by splitting an appointment on Young Astronauts Club - Japan that he chairs board of directors. He seemed so much interested in the mission, particularly on imaging of Cytherean terrain. The signature he gave me will be printed on an aluminum plate, and will be sent to Venus onboard “Akatsuki” together with the names and messages to be collected via internet from all over the world. When I went back to Oizumi Gakuen station, I found the Conductor of “Galaxy Express 999″. The melody noticing the departures of trains in this station was “Galaxy Express 999″.
Conductor of "Galaxy Express 999" at Oizumi Gakuen station

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