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"Dealing with Creationism in Astronomy

Geocentrism: According to Hoyle?

3 Dec 2014, 00:33 UTC
Geocentrism: According to Hoyle?
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This is another post in the followups to the claim that Geocentrists @ Galileo Was Wrong (GWW). Specifically, this is a partial response to the post:GWW: Newton versus Einstein: The “Physics” of Alec MacAndrewI found this post particularly entertaining as Mr. Sungenis wants to lecture someone with actual training in physics when the Geocentrists' understanding of the topic is so poor that they must do their 'physics' by copying old texts (see Geocentrism: Flunking the Lagrange Point Challenge) and trying to pass off the standard, non-Geocentric, technique of computing the Lagrange points as supporting Sungenis' particular flavor of Geocentrism.To clarify, when I'm talking about the equivalence of coordinate systems in the relativistic sense, I try to refer to it as geocentric with a lower-case 'g', since this treatment works for ANY point you which to choose as a center. If I'm talking about geocentrism where the claim is Earth a center in some kind of absolute sense, I'll use Geocentric, with an upper-case 'G'. I'll try to avoid using these terms at the start of sentences, where ambiguity might result.But the topic I wish to specifically address in this post is Mr. Sungenis' quote-mining of Fred Hoyle (wikipedia) to support ...

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