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Photograph The Night Sky Using Your Iphone

1 Dec 2014, 18:22 UTC
Photograph The Night Sky Using Your Iphone
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Learn to photograph the night sky on an iPhone with NightCap Pro
First, if you haven’t done so already, learn our 3 Golden Rules for great low light photography as this covers the basics.
When you’ve done so, we’re ready for the first challenge, stars!
1 Stars ( )
As well as Night Mode NightCap Pro has 2 extended exposure modes. You access them by tapping the star button:
The available modes will appear:

We’re going to use Night Mode and Long Exposure mode so turn both on.
In either extended exposure mode, the app works in “bulb” mode, meaning that you tap the shutter once to start taking the photo, then tap a second time to finish taking the shot. This way you can leave the photo to expose for as long as you want.
We can also brighten the photo using the Light Booster feature: Turn this on too. The light booster brightens the photo without losing detail. You can adjust the brightness in the in-app settings.
With Long Exposure and Light Booster active we’re ready to take a shot. An exposure time of 10-15 seconds works well for stars, so tap the shutter to start, wait ...

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