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Future Prospects for Radio Telescopes?

27 Nov 2014, 16:52 UTC
Future Prospects for Radio Telescopes?
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Question: I was wondering if there are any future prospects or developmental plans for radio telescopes and if so what are they? – Amy
Answer: As you can probably imagine, the pace of science discoveries moves rather quickly, and we try to keep up with that pace by continually developing new instruments. In addition to regular updates to existing radio telescope observatories, one of the biggest projects currently in development is an observatory called the Square Kilometer Array (SKA). The SKA will be the largest radio telescope in the world, with a square kilometer of collecting area that is comprised of a large number of smaller radio telescopes which are connected electronically to form an interferometer. This new facility should revolutionize what we know about the universe at radio wavelengths. Pretty cool!
Jeff Mangum

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