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Things I’ve Learnt at CERN so far

29 Nov 2009, 19:21 UTC
Things I’ve Learnt at CERN so far
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Besides the all-important physics, shift training, and general run discussions, there are also a few valuable and useful life lessons to be learnt on any trip to CERN. Here are four that come to mind after 10 days here…

Don’t try to take sneaky shortcuts through buildings. You will get lost.
It is useful to check what floor you are on before you get out of the elevator.
A tasty way of consolidating small change (especially useful for those, like me, who can’t tell the difference between the 0.50fr and 0.10fr coins) is to put 1.80 into a vending machine and buy a hot chocolate for 0.80. It will then give you a 1fr coin in change (found by accident).
Always go back for your umbrella.

So there you go. I’ll update the list as I learn ever more useful things.

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