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Women in Astronomy

It's Not About That Damn Shirt

20 Nov 2014, 20:03 UTC
It's Not About That Damn Shirt
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The following was submitted to the Women in Astronomy Blog by a female astronomer who wishes to use the pseudonym Kerri Benjamin.The next sentence is the most important thing in this whole post: I am posting this under a pseudonym because I am afraid to post it on my own blog or Twitter.I am afraid. The snafu known as ShirtGate or ShirtStorm is complicated, nuanced, and exhausting. The below is not comprehensive. I'm going to talk about the things I consider to be the most important or most misunderstood. I'm doing bullet points because I am too damn tired to make this narratively pretty. And I don't mean physically exhausted. I am tired of THIS. THIS is sexism, in the world, in science, and on the Internet. It's not about the shirt (or Dr. Taylor)Dr. Taylor has apologized, and I'm choosing to believe he was sincere. This conversation is not about him, but I wanted to cover a few things: "He" did not land on a comet. He was part of a vast, international team of scientists and engineers who worked together for decades to make this mission happen. Philae is not "his" accomplishment. Doing smart or cool things in ...

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