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DSLR Astro-Imaging: Intro

27 Nov 2009, 06:36 UTC
DSLR Astro-Imaging: Intro
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Since I do not have the honor of personally owning a CCD Camera (yet) I must stick to imaging with my DSLR. The biggest problem I have with this, is that I learned how to take Astroimages with a CCD and not a DSLR. Now I do know how to take the images with the DSLR but not how to process. I have already spent literally thousands of dollars on processing software for my CCD FITS images and I really don’t want to spend much more! So I have searched the web looking for some tutorials on calibrating images (the later post processing is nearly the same, Photoshop techniques do not vary to much) and I did not really find one source which had all that I need, and entirely I did not find some of the most basic concepts covered!Now I went crazy, I have a bunch of data here and can’t do anything with it, so I started to play around and with what I learned from most sites I got a few steps further. I “sortof” learned about a few free programs that stack images and others that will get the rest of the work done, but ...

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