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ISS & Shuttle Atlantis Flyby

27 Nov 2009, 02:09 UTC
ISS & Shuttle Atlantis Flyby
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I have a simple routine that I go through every day on my computer. When I have time I come, sit down and check all of my networking sites, then check e-mail, then check to see if any of the remote scopes are online and having issues. After that is done I go and check www.Spaceweather.com look at new images and see whats new! Well I was lucky on Tuesday, November 24th I noticed a small new post saying that “Shuttle Atlantis will be undocking from the the Space Station Wednesday morning.” and this is when I got excited. Earlier I checked for ISS passings on Heavens-above and I had one one Wednesday night!
Naturally I tweeted the info along with links so other might be lucky enough to see ISS and the Shuttle!
Finally Wednesday night came, though I had an issue, we were planning on going to the movies for sometime. (and I really did not want to cancel, since it was my idea) So, I rushed to check movie times and hoped there was enough time for me to image the ISS/Shuttle flyby then leave for the movies, but sadly there was not! The ISS was at ...

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