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Bin Laden Still Dead

12 Sep 2009, 04:44 UTC
Bin Laden Still Dead
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8 years after the tragic day 9-11-2001 Mr. Osama Bin Laden is still dead. He stopped breathing as early as December 15, 2001. An Islamist website recently promised an anniversary "gift" from OBL, but withdrew the post. It must be getting difficult taking old recordings and packaging them as new.OBL has much in common with 'dark energy.' While many people pretend that OBL exists, no one has actually seen him. A mainstream press insists that OBL and DE exist, even though the evidence is sketchy at best. Those with critical thinking skills can see that the Emperor truly has no clothes. Eventually both will fade from the public memory.The power of one light can illuminate the darkest night.

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