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A Babe in the Universe

September 13, 1999

14 Sep 2009, 15:10 UTC
September 13, 1999
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Another anniversary! According to an old TV show about SPACE: 1999, 10 years ago today the Moon was blown out of its orbit by an impossibly large nuclear accident. Funny, the Moon still looks ok in the bedroom window. The show featured a huge self-sufficient Moonbase with a population of hundreds, which would be nice to see built today. As readers of this blog have heard, the Moon really is slowly drifting away. The difference between the Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment measure and the Moon's actual recession rate shows that the speed of light is slowing down today. For those usual suspects try to find holes in the theory: I really recommend that you relax and watch some old Sci Fi shows; they are truly amusing!NEXT: Another weekend on an aircraft carrier!

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