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"Dealing with Creationism in Astronomy

Yet Another Claimed Stake-through-the-Heart of Big Bang Cosmology?

9 Nov 2014, 22:59 UTC
Yet Another Claimed Stake-through-the-Heart of Big Bang Cosmology?
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Another comment, posted under a different topic ("A Paper Illustrating More of Crothers' Relativity ...") and copied here to address: http://www.quantamagazine.org/20141025-dwarf-galaxies-dim-dark-matter-hopes/Please publish this if you dare :)You can sell your diploma on eBay.Don't forget to include some lollipops in order to get buyers. Sucking is a great way to spend an afternoon. Sure, you should know all about it, you've spend years sucking it.Post this comment if you dare. I'll be watching, you preposterous asshole. Perhaps the commenter didn't actually read the article, or did they not think beyond the title?The article describes recent observations by the Fermi Large-Area Telescope which rule out particular, but not all, models for Dark Matter. It's part of the regular process of science and the researchers have done credible work. Why would I not post it? The solar neutrino problem when through a similar process for many years of narrowing down what the solution couldn't be while we improved detector technology to the point we could actually detect the 'missing' neutrinos. See Neutrino Oscillations: Yet Another Blow Against Non-nuclear Stellar Energy..., Falsifying Scientific Models)How many years since prediction to detection of the Higgs boson? 48 years. And that was one we expected to find ...

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