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Light Is Winner of 2009 Nobel Prize

6 Oct 2009, 20:19 UTC
Light Is Winner of 2009 Nobel Prize
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The 2009 Nobel Prize in physics has been awarded to three Americans: Charles K. Kao, Willard S. Boyle, and George E. Smith, 79. Kao, 75, was born in Shanghai and also has UK citizenship. He pioneered the fibre optics used in modern data networks. Boyle, 85, also has Canadian citizenship. While working at Bell Labs, Boyle and Smith developed the Charged Couple Devices (CCD's) now seen in everything from cellphone cameras to the Hubble Space Telescope. All three physicists invented applications for light that affect our daily lives, and none had any use for "dark energy." Today working on something new about light looks like a good career move.The speed of light is still slowing down.

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