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Water In the Moon?

8 Oct 2009, 22:31 UTC
Water In the Moon?
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96-second video of the LCROSS mission.All eyes from Houston to Mauna Kea are on the Moon for the LCROSS impact Friday. At the same time we are inundated with evidence of water on the Moon, Mars and beyond. The big hope is that the Moon has abundant water to sustain human settlement.Until recently the Moon was thought to have only a small amount of water, which arrived via the solar wind. Astrophysicist Arlin Crotts of Columbia University has been working for years on a theory that the Moon has abundant water, and it comes from within. Crotts theorises that water forms deep beneath the surface and slowly wells upward. His theory would explain the recent discoveries of water. Crotts has submitted a paper with his student Cameron Hummels. We hope that their paper is accepted soon so that more scientists can read it. New ideas, even controversial ones, deserve to see the light of day.

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