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Women in Astronomy

Top Five Tips for Men

5 Nov 2014, 20:00 UTC
Top Five Tips for Men
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www.wordle.netThere's so much to write about this week on the topic of gender equity, I hardly know where to start. I'll back up two weeks to when a well-known male supporter of women in science wrote me and several others on behalf of a male colleague in the UK who sought advice on how to improve the representation of women and minorities in physics departments. He was frustrated that his colleagues didn't understand the problem and were resistant to change, and wondered how some US departments had made real progress. This opened a fascinating small-group email discussion about what works and what doesn't work. Despite the important efforts to make academic culture change a science, it is still primarily an art, and the conversation arising in the network of practitioners feels to me like the gathering of Impressionist painters whose creativity was rejected by the Salon de Paris. We share tips and hone arguments in a creative online atelier before presenting our works in exhibitions. We need our own Salons for mutual support and exchange of ideas - Salons that explicitly welcome men to become full partners in advancing gender equity.Having been asked many times why and how I became ...

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