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Launch Report 2014-13

12 Oct 2014, 21:34 UTC
Launch Report 2014-13
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Location: MDRA, Central Sod Farm (ESL-196)Weather: 60's, sunny turning to cloudy, wind 0-5 mph at ground level, lower up high.Total flights: Today - 6; YTD - 105Total motors: Today - 6; YTD - 95 (if you count water rockets - 112)Motors by class YTD: H2O-17, uHybrid-1, MMX-1, A-4, B-6, C-22, D-7, E-20, F-18, G-13, H-2Nice rocket day...not much else to say past the logs below.My Flights:Shai Hulud on a G75M-7 - Lots of wiggle after burn-out. 'Chute didn't open. Soybean landing with 2 broken legs. I'm thinking about cannibalizing this rocket.Inductor on an E9-4 - FAIL! My Inductor wasn't stable and ended in a landshark. Bill flew his twice with only slightly better results. Very slightly.Hat of Death on an F15-P - Lots more weather cocking than the prior F15 flight. Hit the phone line behind the flight line. Twang.Talos 2 on a G74-9 - Nice flight with apogee perfect ejection. Glad the beans were dried out.El Tubo Loco on an G64-4 - Nice flight with apogee perfect ejection. Art Applewhite Stealth D5 on a C6-3 - Nice and spinny.My photo album is [here].

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