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Code.NASA.gov and Empowering the Open Source Community

6 Oct 2014, 20:16 UTC
Code.NASA.gov and Empowering the Open Source Community
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Open Innovation team releases new Code.NASA.gov ...

The NASA OCIO Open Innovation team is pleased to announce a new version of Code.NASA.gov. This latest version builds on the excellent work and success of Code.NASA.gov and puts enhanced publishing capabilities into our NASA Open Source developer community. Historically and at present, Code.NASA.gov contains a meta-catalog of many of the NASA Open Source software projects hosted on GitHub.com, SourceForge and other Internet Collaboration sites. One of the challenges of maintaining Code.NASA.gov was that when a NASA Software Release Authority (SRA) officially released a software project as open source, the site curator was required to publish a new entry into the website for the new open source project. To remove this additional manual step, and make the site more community-driven, Code.NASA.gov is now integrated with the NASA Open Software Catalog hosted on GitHub.

When a NASA team wishes to publish their open source project, and after steps are taken to ensure compliance with NASA software release, the publishing team can issue a GitHub Pull Request on the NASA Open Source Catalog and add their projects’ meta-data into the catalog. Once the pull request has been ...

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