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"Dealing with Creationism in Astronomy

Geocentrism: Mach, 'Aether Drag' and Aberration

5 Oct 2014, 23:18 UTC
Geocentrism: Mach, 'Aether Drag' and Aberration
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I have received some email inquires requesting a follow-up on the geocentrism claims of John Martin (In Response to Dr Bridgman's "Geocentrism: Failing More Basic Physics"). These are followups to my original post, Geocentrism: Failing More Basic Physics...Mr. Martin engages in the common practice of the "Gish Gallop" (RationalWiki), throwing out a plethora of claims most of which are nonsense, many are even contradictory, as we shall see below. Mr. Martin has dumped a load of similar claims in the comment stream of my original post which I am holding until I complete addressing the individual entries. I've been accumulating info on many of these earlier claims, each one of which would require an entire post to provide details and examples of why it's nonsense. Since I have a number which are in various stages of completion, I thought I would write up a summary of some of the 'high points' where I have the most complete information.Mr. Martin claims I have not provided specific examples of problems that cannot be addressed with a 'stationary earth'. Yet I have not seen him or any of his supporters meet my Lagrange Point challenge.I have also provided simulations of Newtonian gravitation operating ...

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