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Setting up a Pulsar Dome (Pt 2)

4 Sep 2014, 19:23 UTC
Setting up a Pulsar Dome (Pt 2)
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In part 1 we looked at getting a Pulsar dome to follow movements of the telescope when slewing from within Cartes Du Ciel. This time we’ll build on this foundation and add Maxim DL to the mix.
Recall from part 1 that both EQAscom and Shelyak dome driver have only POTH connected to them. POTH intercepts mount movements and calculates dome movements to match. This is required as the planetarium does not have the ability to connect to a dome.
Maxim DL does have the ability to directly control a dome so by connecting it’s dome output to POTH we can control the dome either via Maxim or the planetarium. POTH acts as a hub enabling us to connect more than one program to a single device. The telescope device EQAscom also acts as a hub and multiple programs can be connected to it so we’ll select EQAscom directly as the telescope device in Maxim. The main reason behind this is that we can’t use pulse guiding if Maxim is connected to POTH; it must be connected directly to EQAscom. In addition, as we’re sending dome commands from Maxim we don’t need POTH to intercept mount movements.
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