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The Original Rocket Dungeon

I'm still here

4 Sep 2014, 17:14 UTC
I'm still here
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Can't believe it's been a week since my last post. My only project has involved the off-label use of an damaged AeroTech 29/40-120 case. I have been debating whether I should post about it but have decided that it is neither highly impressive nor is it something I would encourage anyone to try. So, for now it will remain in my Rocket Dungeon.I don't have many project ideas in mind. Gary Rosenfield has been posting on Facebook about his brother's pending 3-D printed rocket store. He has shown fin cans which mate to LOC/Precision tubing, motor retention caps, and nose cones. I've been itching to try some printed parts but, to date, the price point has been too high for something that may not hold up to many flights. It bugs me when I hear the materials cost a buck fifty and the parts are 30 bucks. I understand labor and printer wear but I don't like having the mark up rubbed in my face. I may or may not bite on this new source.I also have an idea for a couple of induction stabilized rockets but have decided that I should wait for the flight of the Inductor. Since ...

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