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Strange Image of Jupiter

29 Aug 2014, 13:50 UTC
Strange Image of Jupiter
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Question: I have a photo that looks like a comet impact on Jupiter! I took the photos on January 22, 2014 sometime between 2:25am and 2:45am EST. My best guess would be 2:33am EST.
I posted my photos to YouTube. Please take a look at this photo slideshow, maybe you can tell what this is that I captured in my telescope!

Thank You!! – Phil
Answer: The strange structure you see around Jupiter is very likely due to reflections in the optics of your camera and/or saturation of the CCD detector in your camera (assuming you were using a digital camera). Cameras quite often produce odd images of bright objects in the sky like this. For examples, see the Unexplained Celestial Observations section of this blog.
Jeff Mangum

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