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Setting up a Pulsar dome

28 Aug 2014, 18:50 UTC
Setting up a Pulsar dome
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Having recently worked through the issues of slaving a Pulsar dome to a telescope and helping someone else through the same process I thought it would be useful to document the setup here. I have an Avalon Linear Fast Reverse mount but from a software point of view this is identical to an EQ6 and I use Maxim DL for image capture, CCD Commander for automation and Cartes Du Ciel as a planetarium. With a few peculiarities, the setup is applicable to other programs that you may be using.
The first step is to run the Shelyak Test_DomeTracker.exe program. This is supplied on the CD and you’ll need to run ‘Do Calibration’ several times. What you’re looking for is that the number of steps per rotation remains very similar from run to run. Any large differences here means that mechanical problems are causing you to lose steps. This must be rectified before continuing. Make a note of the number of steps per rev and acc/decc steps obtained.
Next up we need to run POTH which is available in Scope-Dome hubs under the Ascom Platform 6 program group. We need POTH because we can only connect one program to the Shelyak ...

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