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"Dealing with Creationism in Astronomy

Reading: "Invisible Light Or the Electrical Theory of Creation"

24 Aug 2014, 23:15 UTC
Reading: "Invisible Light Or the Electrical Theory of Creation"
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George Woodward Warder. Invisible Light Or the Electrical Theory of Creation. 1898.I had originally encountered the author of G.W. Warder in some discussion forum claiming that Warder was the true origin of the Electric Universe (Wikipedia).Having now read this first of what appears to be a number of books on the topic, I regard it not unlikely that this series of books were the equivalent of an early 'Bible' for Electric Universe ideas. It may have been an influence on Immanuel Velikovsky (Wikipedia). It may be the series that has attracted many Christian creationists to the Electric Universe (The Electric Universe & Creationism, Quiet here, but Recent Electric Universe and Creationism activity…).When reading such books, it is easy to forget that at the time it was written, we did not know about the atomic nucleus and the energies locked up within. We did not even have heavier-than-air flight, much less space flight. Some of Warder's ideas might seem quaint today, but his ideas probably reflected a lot of what the general population of the day believed about the natural world, even as science was demonstrating some of these ideas which we arrogantly called 'common sense' were grossly in error."My definition ...

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