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Inductor, the build, part 3

21 Aug 2014, 14:04 UTC
Inductor, the build, part 3
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It appears the inductor may have become the latest victim of weight bloat. The last comment from Dean is that I should probably move the CG a tad further forward. After a few milliseconds of regret about shortening the upper tube, I poured approximately an ounce of shot into the base of the cone. The CG is now about 3.75" ahead of the air gap and the loaded mass is 9.4 oz. Going to my trust thrust-weight graphs, I find the E9 will not be sufficient if this rocket adheres to the common 'rules' regarding said ratios. Bummer.As with the Cohete Gigante balloon rocket, I am left with a hard decision regarding the motor choice. I hope this is not a sign of things to come!My only consolation is that, for some rockets, there is no 'correct' motor choice. My closing thought is I need to build and 3/4FNC rocket and give up this oddroc nonsense.

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