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Inductor, the build, part 2

20 Aug 2014, 22:18 UTC
Inductor, the build, part 2
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Note to self: Launch lug has been installed. I used a 1/4" lug so I can fly it from a high power pad (i.e. further from people). If it flies and survives, I'll try a 3/16". If there is no rod whip and it flies well, I may build a rod-less platform to fly it from.Now that I got confirmation that my CG is located appropriately, I'm saying this one is done (except for maybe a tad of touch painting around the lug). I didn't put in much effort finishing the rocket but I didn't want to fly her naked.The nose cone is loose. Since this is expected to go unstable after burn out, it will slow down fast. Losing the cone may not be the worst thing that can happen.

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