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Space Cynic

(Don’t) “go the distance, Ray.”

10 Aug 2014, 00:43 UTC
(Don’t) “go the distance, Ray.”
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If you’re old enough to remember the line, you know how this movie turns out.
A farmer (kevin costner) has a vision that inspires him to turn his prime farmland into a baseball field. Never mind that he is WAAAY behind on his mortgage and will be foreclosed on… He keeps telling everyone that ghosts show up to practice on the field, but only he can see them.
Of course, like any good Hollywood film, he perseveres and eventually is proven right, lots of people show up with cash in hand to watch the game, and the farm is saved.
“Space may be the final frontier,
but it’s made in a hollywood basement.”
-the Red Hot Chili Peppers

It was in 1999, while I was a manager at KPMG for the Aerospace and Defense group, that we conducted our assessment of the commercial viability of the International Space Station. Back then, it was still early days for the program, and while the promises from NASA were full of hopes and dreams (and echoed by the space enthusiast community, who had dreams of a Babylon 5 station that they could run if NASA would only let them….) our hard nosed ...

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