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Sky Caramba

Perseid prospects

3 Aug 2014, 00:00 UTC
Perseid prospects
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The moon will interfere with this year's Perseid meteor shower. But it's a regular enough shower, you have a pretty good chance of seeing a few of them anyway. Continue reading →

¡SkyCaramba! Weekly astronomy blog for the week ending August 9, 2014

The Perseid meteors are one of the most popular meteor showers. They have a broad peak, meaning you have a pretty good chance of seeing a Perseid for a few nights in a row as long as the weather is clear enough. This shower peaks around August 11th and 12th every year.
The moon will be a little past full for the 2014 show, so it will be up nearly all night. That can spoil the view, although probably not completely. And meteor showers are always a little unpredictable anyway, so you should just go out and look up and see whatever there is to see. While you’re waiting to see meteors, you can enjoy the view of Mars in the evening sky and contemplate the cosmic connection between the red planet and these multi-colored meteors.
Giovanni Schiaparelli was the astronomer who figured out that at least some meteor showers come on strong in the years just ...

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