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Astronomer Career Path

29 Jul 2014, 19:27 UTC
Astronomer Career Path
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Question: Hi, I’m currently considering exactly what career path I should take, and astronomy is one that I’m looking into. I know that there’s not many openings in this area, and I just want an honest opinion as to what the chances are that I’d ultimately end up in my desired position. Obviously I would work hard and am in advanced math and all that, but it appears to me as if very few make it. – Kevin
Answer: Let me point you to my blog section on “Careers in Astronomy”. You can also check-out my “Student Resources” page which points to several places with information on careers in the sciences. As for your prospects for success at finding a permanent job in astronomy, there are many factors which make this hard to predict. I always tell students interested in pursuing a career in the sciences that if that is really what they want to do, then they should just do it and everything will work itself out. It is always best to be optimistic!
Jeff Mangum

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