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The Original Rocket Dungeon

"Terror is the Sky" Airfest

23 Jul 2014, 17:46 UTC
"Terror is the Sky" Airfest
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Braving the 100 degree humiture, I traipsed out this afternoon to a local park to fly a couple of low tech water rockets and my Blade 180-QX Quadcopter. My drone piloting skills suck...hence the name of the 'launch'.Things started poorly when I realized I hadn't reloaded the battery in my camera. And I had gotten all fancy by bringing out the tripod. Rats!Water rocket-wise, I mainly wanted to see if the 1980's vintage hand held water rocket, which I adapted to the Quest launcher, would be suitable for the grand rocketeers.As expected, this small volume pressurized fast with my electric pump. Faster than I had hoped for. 50 psi was the lowest I could get it and I ran up to 100 psi. The performance was unimpressive and I am a little scared to run those pressures around kids. So, this will be retired. At least the old rockets are tough. My kids bounced this one off the pavement more than once before the pump gave out. The new models are not nearly as robust...at least not the $2 variety. This was a CATO, not a lawn dart:I also brought a 1L rocket with the Quest fins and bumper. This ...

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