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Call for Proposals 2014B

21 Jul 2014, 20:28 UTC
Call for Proposals 2014B
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Call for Proposals to use the LCOGT 1m & 2m telescope facilitiesSemester dates and deadlineThe 2014B semester runs from 2014 October 1 to 2015 March 31 UTC.Proposals should be submitted by 20 August 2014, 23:59 UTC.The facilities available through this call include the nine 1m telescopes and two 2m (Faulkes) telescopes in the LCOGT network. Approximately 4000 hours of 1m time and 700 hours of 2m time will be allocated by LCOGT in 2014B. Currently, three of the 1m telescopes (at CTIO) are instrumented with Sinistro imagers, while the other 1m telescopes are instrumented with SBIG imagers. We are in the process of replacing the SBIGs with Sinistros. The 2m telescopes are instrumented with Merope and Spectral imagers and FLOYDS low-dispersion spectrographs.All proposals received will be mediated by an LCOGT Telescope Allocation Committee (TAC). The purpose of this note is to notify those who are eligible to respond (see below). Proposals will be evaluated based on scientific merit, experimental design, and credibility of the proposing team. We welcome proposals that have a significant educational component. While we intend to make long-term status (continuation beyond the end of the semester) an option in the future, for this first year of science ...

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