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Attention Scotland: You may ALREADY be a winner!

14 Jul 2014, 17:10 UTC
Attention Scotland: You may ALREADY be a winner!
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In what can only be the most ridiculously transparent and laughable attempt to entice Scotland into not leaving the “United” Kingdom, the British Government has announced that it is planning to create a spaceport for commercial spaceflights by 2018, and SIX out of the eight potential sites are in Scotland.
“Spaceports will be key to us opening up the final frontier of commercial space travel,” said UK treasury minister Danny Alexander.

I have visions of a car with live camera feed driving up to the house of the leader of Scotland (the future “Space Heart”?) and bringing up a big check for a surprise award on live national television (although I don’t think even the BBC would stoop to that level of tripe on their channels…). “Congratulations! You just won a spaceport!” (followed by said Scottish leader grumbling something about needing more coffee, that it must be a thursday, and he’s going back inside to read the paper…).
Aside from the fact that there is no spaceplane to fly from said spaceport, the 300 Million pounds of funding the UK government could be better spent on other space-related activities (such as funding of nano-sat incubators where student engineers and ...

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