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"Dealing with Creationism in Astronomy

Falsifying Scientific Models

13 Jul 2014, 22:31 UTC
Falsifying Scientific Models
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This post covers a set of general issues about falsification of scientific models and is also meant to be a follow-up to the claims by Bruno Suric in this comment.I've written on the lame claim about the original Eddington observations of gravitational deflection (see Relativity Denial: The 1919 Solar Eclipse). Supporters of this claim seem oblivious to the fact that this was far from the only time in history these observations could be done. The observations have been repeated, and improved upon, in the 90+ years since. The Hipparcos data has measured the deflection to an accuracy of 0.3%, far more than enough to exclude the Newtonian model of light deflection. The fact that there were some possible conflicts in the observations suggests future tests must improve the experimental controls to remove the ambiguity.The history of science is filled with examples where Mr. Suric's interpretation of falsification of a scientific model would lead one down an erroneous path.Consider another example. In late-1700s It was found that the orbit of Uranus did not match that expected from Newtonian gravitation when including the perturbations due to the other known planets. Did that falsify Newtonian gravitation?No.While the possibility that Newtonian gravitation did not ...

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