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"Dealing with Creationism in Astronomy

Electric Universe: More Confusing Claims from the EU 'Worldview'

6 Jul 2014, 22:59 UTC
Electric Universe: More Confusing Claims from the EU 'Worldview'
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I submitted a shorter version of this post to dad2059's comment stream at Dad2059: The Electric Universe and Strawmen, but it has yet to appear through moderation. So again, I'll post the expanded explanation here. This is also a followup to Pseudoscience and 'World-View'.From the blog operator:The Electric Universe Theory is very intriguing to me for the simple fact that it’s elegant, easy to grasp and can explain many anomalies that occur in Nature. In fact, I consider it an equal to Einstein’s Gravitic theories that is the mainstream thought today. Do I think it’s THE theory? No, but I think […]Unfortunately for Dad2059, Nature is under no obligation to conform to human prejudices and colloquial notions of 'logic', 'elegance' or 'simplicity'. But time after time, mathematics has demonstrated its power not only to explain Nature, but allow us to apply those same discovered rules in building technologies (see The Cosmos In Your Pocket: Expanded & Revised).Now to Mr. Reeve's claims...Re: “What you’re really saying is EU ‘theorists’ STILL have no model that provides numerical values we can compare against measurements from spacecraft.” Reeve: Did I say that?This sounds like an attempt to stall. Actually, Mr. Reeve dances all around ...

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