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"Dealing with Creationism in Astronomy

Pseudoscience and 'World-View'

9 Jun 2014, 00:48 UTC
Pseudoscience and 'World-View'
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"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."--Philip K. DickOne of the most common themes used by the supporters of pseudo-science is the notion of 'world-view'. The concept is that if you look at the data with the proper 'world-view', it will support your particular (usually pre-conceived) notion. In the case of most pseudo-scientists, they do just 'look' at the data - an image, a table of numbers, whatever. There is little to no actual analysis done - such as testing relationships between quantities with known theories, etc., which is an important part of doing real science.Virtually all Biblical creationists invoke 'worldview' as making a difference in the interpretation of scientific data. In the case of young-Earth vs. Old-Earth vs. Biblical Geocentrists vs. Intelligent Design, the 'world-view' interpretation often hinges on which parts OF THE SAME BIBLE are to be taken literally.Is the Intelligent Design Movement Christian?Creation.com: Clash Over WorldviewsBill Nye’s Reasonable Man—The Central Worldview Clash of the Ham-Nye DebateIn "The Big Bang Never Happened", Eric Lerner ties the development of Big Bang cosmology to the second law of thermodynamics and biblical creation myths (Chapter 4). Electric Universe (EU) supporters, merging Velikovskian catastrophism with Plasma ...

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