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"Dealing with Creationism in Astronomy

Electric Universe: Predicting CMEs

19 May 2014, 00:39 UTC
Electric Universe: Predicting CMEs
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One of the important characteristics that distinguishes real science from pseudo-science is the ability to describe a system mathematically. Mathematics provides a system of rigorous rules that can be used for not only understanding past behavior of a system, but also forecasting future behavior. Through mathematics, established science can become engineering, enabling us to not only build reliable products, such as computing the structural strength of a building before it is built, but also determine more reliably behaviors of things as we push into new frontiers - such as building and navigating satellites in space.Real space scientists use knowledge of the solar magnetic field, particularly around active regions, to estimate when solar flares may occur. When a CME erupts from an active region, using parameters of the CME measured from initial spacecraft imagery, they can estimate the intensity and direction of the CME and use that to initialize a model to propagate the event outward into the solar system. With this, space physicists estimate where the solar material will pass and when to determine if the event is a threat to spacecraft and other assets, including Earth. The source data to produce these forecasts are freely available online, as are ...

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