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U.S. Science & Engineering Festival - 2014

27 Apr 2014, 23:24 UTC
U.S. Science & Engineering Festival - 2014
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The big event in STEM (Wikipedia) this weekend was the U.S. Science & Engineering Festival, a gathering of scientific and engineering organizations from around the U.S. (and a few from overseas). The festival is a multi-day celebration of science and technology with hands-on explorations of science and loads of technology demonstrations. The previous event was in 2012. This year (and this is the third in the D.C. area) the event was significantly larger than the previous one. The event was very crowded, particularly late in the day, and it even occupied TWO large showroom floors in the convention center.With all the time I spend dealing with the cranks and pseudo-scientists, it is encouraging to see so many people enthusiastic about REAL science. Visiting these types of events restores my hope in the future of the human race. Even though I grew up in the era of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo, when the U.S. was strongly encouraging students to go into science, I don't recall any event(s) of this nature or size, but then I often lived in rather out-of-the way places.Just a short, and definitely incomplete, description of some of the activities, etc.Robots and drones of all types and utility ...

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