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Discovering Your Universe: The World of Public Astronomy

25 Apr 2014, 00:15 UTC
Discovering Your Universe: The World of Public Astronomy
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My Astronomy Talk at Valparaiso UniversityApril 4, 2014In 2008, I was taking classes at Purdue University's North Central campus. For the spring semester, I took an introductory astronomy class. I was just beginning to watch the night sky on my own, and it seemed like the perfect time to take the class. It was great learning the science of astronomy at the same time I was learning away around the sky. Our first class observation was cancelled due to weather. Since a visual observation was required for the class, and because it gave me projects to work on to learn the sky, I started doing some of the alternate observing projects, just in case our second observation session was also cancelled. One of those alternate observations was to attend an observatory open house at Valparaiso University.On April 4, 2008, I made my first visit to Valparaiso University's observatory for an open house. I saw Saturn, the Orion Nebula, Mars, and globular cluster M3 for the first time in a big telescope. I've been back for observatory open houses when I can ever since.In 2009, the astronomical community celebrated 400 years of telescopic astronomy with International Year of Astronomy 2009. The ...

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