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"Dealing with Creationism in Astronomy

Creationism and "Observational Astronomy"

20 Apr 2014, 23:44 UTC
Creationism and "Observational Astronomy"
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"There is nothing in observational astronomy that contradicts a recent creation." --D. Faulkner (on video during Nye-Ham debate)And with that one quote, Danny Faulkner declared 'Creationist Astronomy', and by implication, all astronomy, as a 'useless' science.There are so many ways that we could explore the gross errors demonstrated in this statement.More recently, Dr. Faulkner has been whining about the new "Cosmos" series insisting that 'Creation scientists' should get 'equal time'.Well, someone DID do a 'Creationist Cosmos' video: Funny Or Die: Creationist CosmosWhat more than this would YECs say in their version? The YEC version has the advantage of being much shorter (less than four minutes), and doesn't require any thinking…The Universe according to 'Observational Astronomy'Perhaps the first question to ask is, what does one mean by 'observational astronomy'? It is generally taken to mean that you are recording data: the motion of an object across the sky, the variation in brightness, etc. strictly OBSERVATIONAL characteristics which depend on NO PHYSICAL INTERPRETATION OF THE UNDERLYING CAUSES. Observational astronomy assumes the cosmos contains no reliable additional information about physical conditions elsewhere in space - densities, temperatures, masses, etc. All of these types of measurements must make assumptions about the distances of objects, ...

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