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Australian Indigenous Astronomy

Bahloo the Moon and the Daens

9 May 2013, 01:59 UTC
Bahloo the Moon and the Daens
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As recorded by Katie Langloh Parker (1897)From the Eulayhi people of northwestern New South Wales.Bahloo, the moon-man looked, down at the earth one night, when his light was shining quite brightly, to see if any one was moving. When the earth people were all asleep was the time he chose for playing with his three dogs. He called them dogs, but the earth people called them snakes, the death adder, the black snake, and the tiger snake.As he looked down on to the earth, with his three dogs beside him, Bahloo saw about a dozen daens, or people, crossing a Creek. He called to them saying, "Stop! I want you to carry my dogs across that creek."But the people, though they liked Bahloo well, did not like his dogs, for sometimes when he had brought these dogs to play on the earth, they had bitten not only the earth dogs but their masters; and the poison left by the bites had killed those bitten.So the people said, "No, Bahloo, we are too frightened! Your dogs might bite us. They are not like our dogs, whose bite would not kill us."Bahloo, the moon man. Image from scienceillustrated.com.au.Bahloo said, "If you do ...

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