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Australian Indigenous Astronomy

New University Course on Indigenous Astronomy

2 Jan 2014, 10:12 UTC
New University Course on Indigenous Astronomy
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A new university course on Indigenous Astronomy will be taught at the University of New South Wales for the first time during Semester 1, 2014. The 3rd year course (ATSI 3006: Astronomy of Indigenous Australians) is worth 6 units of credit and is part of the new major in Indigenous Studies through the Nura Gili Indigenous Unit. It is one of 5 new courses on Indigenous Studies being developed for 2014. The new Indigenous Studies major was developed as a new way of teaching Indigenous Studies, which focuses on three themes:'Continuities' show the ways in which Indigenous people use their traditional knowledge and cultural systems to sustain their communities today;'Convergences, Ruptures, and Discontinuities' provide students with a variety of theoretical approaches for understanding the impact of colonisation on Indigenous peoples and communities;'Navigating the Interface' enables students learn and appreciate the complexities of knowledge production in Indigenous cultures.Image by Paul Curnow and Gail Glasper.ATSI 3006 focuses on the ways in which astronomical knowledge is developed, utilised, and encoded in the oral traditions and material culture of Indigenous peoples, with a focus on Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders. This course will introduce students to the growing inter-discipline of cultural astronomy and ...

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