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"Dealing with Creationism in Astronomy

Quick Notes on the Nye-Ham Debate

5 Feb 2014, 03:47 UTC
Quick Notes on the Nye-Ham Debate
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Finished watching the Bill Nye-Ken Ham debate at the Creation Museum (see also Ken Ham and the Failures of Creation Science).I'll have more to write later, but here's my quick notes.I think Bill Nye did pretty darn good against Ken Ham. Ham started sounding a little nervous around the latter half of the debate, but Nye kept beating on major points, namely:science as a bread-and-butter issue. There are jobs and an economy at stake.Nye definitely made the point that a young universe is valid in Ken Ham's and followers interpretation of the Bible, and not necessarily for everyone else.emphasis on the power of prediction in science. Ham's 'predictions' were tiny compared to the global view of evolution. Ham's dog evolution tree was particularly bad as Ham doesn't remind his audience that dog evolution was driven by a LOT of human selection.Ken Ham's major failures:Ham conceded that christian salvation is based on a belief in Christ, NOT in a young universe. Ham at a couple of points seemed to say that natural laws don't change. Nye could have nailed him with the point that they would HAVE to change to make a big universe appear young. Yet observational astronomy suggests decay ...

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