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Some (Probably Not) Final Words on the Nye-Ham Debate

10 Mar 2014, 00:54 UTC
Some (Probably Not) Final Words on the Nye-Ham Debate
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With the current bout of winter storms, snow shoveling, illness and other disruptions hopefully out of the way, I hope I can catch up on some pending posts and comment responses…As I noted in the first post after the debate (Quick Notes on the Nye-Ham Debate), Bill Nye did very well. Numerous other sites thought so as well. NCSE: How Bill Nye Won the DebateNew Republic: Bill Nye Won Last Night's Creationism DebateSalon: Ken Ham’s radical quackery: Why his debate with Bill Nye on evolution was so maddeningTime: What You Missed While Not Watching the Bill Nye and Ken Ham Creation DebateSlate: Science vs. Fiction Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate evolution at the Creation Museum Perhaps a biased sample, to be sure, but even polls at some Christian sites felt Nye had won.Christian Today Poll Says Bill Nye Won Debate With Ken Ham as well as Salon: Pat Robertson begs Ken Ham to shut up Ars Technica had an article about Ham's claims of the 'two' sciences, 'experimental' and 'historical':Dear Creation Museum, all science is “historical science.” Here’s whyOne of the major successes of the debate is that traditionally we see media-savvy creationists take on media-unsavvy scientists. In those ...

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