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Sky Caramba

April 2014 astronomy events

30 Mar 2014, 00:00 UTC
April 2014 astronomy events
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Three objects is up all night, Venus passes by Neptune, the moon is totally eclipsed, and the Lyrid meteors return in April 2014. Continue reading →

¡SkyCaramba! Weekly astronomy blog for the week ending April 5, 2014
April 2014 starts with the crescent moon in the west at sunset. The Hyades, distinguished by their V shape and the orange star Aldebaran, are a little higher. Orion is even higher than that.
Spot Jupiter high in Gemini at sunset. It’s close to the star Mebsuta when April starts. By the end of the month, it’s close to Mekbuda in the other twin.
Sirius in Canis Major is just past the meridian as the sun goes down. Mars is rising close to Spica. And moving westward closer to Porrima by the end of the month. Don’t confuse the red planet with the orange star Arcturus in the same general area. You can see Mars all night every night this month. It’s at opposition on the 8th. (Check out SkyCaramba’s YouTube video about this for more information.)

The fourth asteroid discovered, Vesta, will be at opposition on the 13th. It’s about 1.2 astronomical units (earth-sun) distances away. Ceres, the first asteroid discovered, will ...

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